Antonio Mancini Caterini

Antonio Mancini Caterini (Antonello for friends) is an ENGEA equestrian guide as well as the owner of the estate.

Horses  are parts of the family history ,and he decided some 12 years ago to make it a permanent attraction for the guests . He has several years of experience, riding, training and keeping horses in the countryside.

He believes that the new methods of training such as Monty Roberts' and Pat Parelli have emproved enourmously the relation between humans and horses and our horses are benefiting from that .

His knowledge of the trails of the area as well as his passion for horses and for this place will make your trip really special.

Kylie - Trekking Guide

Kylie is our Kiwi guide and instructor. She has been riding all her life and began working in a riding school and as a trainer for difficult horses whilst still at school, also managing to compete regularly.

After graduating university, she decided to combine her love of horses with her passion for travel and became a horse trekking guide in various countries including Australia, England, Greece, Chile, Egypt and Spain.

She has explored many facets of horsemanship; working as an instructor in England, starting and training young horses in various countries, training and exercising steeple chasers and flat racers, competing in endurance, working with stallions, mares and foals at sport horse breeding establishments and when possible enjoying hunting, jousting, horseback archery and swimming with horses.

She tries to learn as much as possible from various natural horsemanship clinics that she is able to attend and knows that every different place has something new to teach her.

She is very happy to have found such a wonderful corner in Italy in which to pursue her passion.

Santa Cristina


Grotte di Castro 01025 (VT) - ITALY

loc. Santa Cristina snc.

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