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At Santa Cristina castle you will experience a fantastic horse riding holiday in Italy where you will develop a special bond with your horse.

Our horses have been carefully selected according to their attitude and breed to match our guests different levels .

We have 20 horses at the moment that come from a wide range of breeds including: Italian Maremmano and Murgese, German, Dutch, French, Anglo Arab and cross breeds. They are our most important partners that we take a lot of pride in. Most of the year they live happily in the large paddocks, thanks to our reasonably mild weather and to the size of the castle estate.

Constant training and experience for the horses are ongoing throughout the year.






The son of Et Voila and now 4 years old, he is very friendly and playful.

He was broken in last year and is now enjoying his first year out on the trails.


He is a Dutch Warmblood, a brilliant allrounder.

An excellent jumper but also very good and quiet to ride in the countryside.

(or Mucca to her friends) is a German Pinto hunter.

She is strong and forward going but a pleasure for experienced riders to enjoy out in the countryside.

He is our dream pony, very quiet and well behaved.

All children and parents love him.

Piccolo Roy

Et Voila



He is an Arabian x Haflinger pony and as cheeky as his breed suggests!

He loves people as much as his food and is a very safe and reliable ride in the arena and outside.

She is an Ex eventer and a comfortable and fun ride for experienced riders in the school (she knows her stuff!) and out in the countryside.

She is mother to our youngest member, but is happy to be back in work.

He is a Maremmano, a local Tuscan breed, named for his roman nose.

Strong and forward going, perfect for intermediate - experienced riders to enjoy in the countryside.

A perfect lady. She is forward going but gentle and quiet.

A pleasure for all to ride out with. She knows all the trails and you will never be lost with Rosa.





Ringo is a Dutch Warmblood, ex jumper. He is a strong but quiet horse in the school for all those wanting to learn to ride.

On a hack, he is spirited and perfect for an experienced rider who likes a challenge.


He is our chestnut appaloosa.

He loves hugs and is reliable and comfortable to ride for both beginners and experienced alike.

He is an Irish hunter and is very definite in his opinion that he should be near the front of the ride.

He is a gentle giant and a pleasure to ride.

Harry is an Anglo Arab, ideal for riding out on the trail.

He tries his best to please and is interested in everything new. He loves cuddles and attention by all.





Peppe is still young, but as steady as a rock. He is an interesting mix of half Murghese and half Hanoverian.

Already strong and reliable he is a great confidence giver. He is very comfortable, but needs a bit of persuasion to discover his true abilities.

She is an Italian mountain horse and can be moody with other horses, but is always as sweet as silk with her riders.

Forward going but gives a great sense of security with her comfortable paces. Like riding an armchair!.

Antonello's Dutch Warmblood, known as Noddy, is destined to be a show jumper - with very long and bouncy legs.

A lovely friendly nature, dwarfing the other horses with his 18.2hh.

Django is our Murghese baby. He is very soft and sweet, but is still young so needs some help to learn the finishing touches.

If you are gentle with him, he is gentle with you.



Anabella is an Anglo Arab mare who loves long distance riding.

She is very fast, agile and intelligent. She enjoys being a guide for the other horses and is an interesting challenge for the more experienced riders.

Ricky is an anglo arab ex racehorse, bred for the Pallia in Siena. He grew too big, and so came to us.

Ricky is very kind and forward going, a pleasure for an experienced rider in the countryside.

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