Santa Cristina


Using the old outlaw track called the Brigands' Path, we ride away on a panoramic trail among pastures of grazing sheep. This old trail soon turns down into a narrow valley of volcanic rock.

At the bottom of the hills we will find an old abandoned farmers settlement: Nocchieto. Still fascinating in its architecture, it is a house made of local tufo rock leaning against the side of the hill.

As the road changes from volcanic rock into soft ground, we can gently push our horses forwards into canter and up into the hills.

After following a narrow valley to the top, we meet the Brigands' Path again, where we can carry on across varied landscapes past scattered Etruscan tombs and caves.

Finally, we make our way back to the castle to another stunning plateau, where we encounter a lovely vista before returning home through the woods.

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Castello di Santa Cristina - COPYRIGHT 2019