Santa Cristina

Mezzano lake

This is one of our most renowned full day excursions. Lake Mezzano is an area worthy of note, owing to its great historical value and natural beauty. The lake itself was once a volcanic crater, formed 400,000 years ago, and the site of human settlements dating right back to the pre Etruscan era (around 2,700 years ago).

Owing to later earthquakes these settlements are now submerged in the water, but the importance of these archeological treasures was confirmed in the mid eighties by an archaeological campaign when swords, pots, and other tools were found on the bottom of the lake.

Our excursion takes riders through the farmland and up into the wooded hills which surround Onano. Here, the horses have the opportunity to canter along a wonderful natural passage surrounded by trees. At the top of this plateau, we have a chance to take in the dazzling scenery, before we carry on down past local farms into a very old wood made by huge chestnut trees that leads us into the flat open plain of the Mezzano crater.

Here, if desired, horses can canter up the old tracks, before we reach the marshlands and vineyards which surround lake Mezzano itself. The Lake area is part of the Selva del Lamone natural reserve and here is the small restaurant where we stop for lunch with a fantastic view overlooking the water. During the warmer months, those who wish can also swim in the lakes' crystal clear waters. In the afternoon, we ride back following the old Brigands trail, taking in a few historical sights on the way.

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