Santa Cristina

Bolsena lake

This is a full day excursion. From the castle we ride through the neighbouring farmland, through chestnut woods and use an ancient track which carries us right above the crater of Lake Bolsena, the largest volcanic lake in Europe.

While riding, we will witness some breathtaking views of the lake and surrounding area and of the two islands - Isola Bisentina and Martana.

As we head down to the lake, you will note many Etruscan tombs scattered throughout the countryside. Some are reused by farmers as cellars for their wine but still serve as a reminder of the ancient history which abounds in this area.

Once at the lake, lunch is served in a typical trattoria, right on the beach. In the right season if you wish to cool off in the water, a swim in the lake is a must before beginning the ride back home.

The trail home passes through the archeological area of Pianezze, literally full of Etruscan tombs dating back 2600 years. Once at the top of the crater, we turn right through some vineyards until we reach the sheperds trail in the woods leading to the Santa Cristina Castle estate.

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